Hospital has reduced violence and aggression with the help of RemPods

Goodmayes Hospital in Illford had a RemPods makeover on an older people's mental health ward with impressive results. 

The ward had a high proportion of patients with dementia, who were exhibiting increased disorientation and anxiety. Only 29% stated they felt ‘extremely safe’.

Having asked patients, nurse consultant Geraldine Rodgers worked with us in addressing signage, and changing the colour of doors to make the ward appear less institutionalised.

We created an indoor sensory garden for one-to-one interactions, and we themed and scented a corridor in lavender to suggest entry to a place of calm.

A change of colour for a toilet door had an immediate effect, with four patients becoming independent at toileting within 12 hours. The dining room is now treated as a social area where patients like to sit and chat.

The impact has been impressive – incidence of physical aggression has fallen by 40% and verbal aggression by 59%. Antipsychotic prescribing is down 26% and 64% of patients now say they feel ‘extremely safe’.

Geraldine, who works for North East London NHS Foundation Trust said: "Enhancement of the therapeutic environment on a ward has a positive impact on patients and staff.

"There has been validated improvement to the patient experience, and positive outcomes such as patients feeling safe on the ward, patients having greater confidence in staff and improved staff morale."