• Turns any care space into a familiar, dementia friendly environment, without the need for decoration, or taking up valuable space.
  • Creates a calming social space, working as a valuable reminiscence tool to improve mental well-being.

  • Improves dementia care, by creating a better understanding between staff and their clients.

  • Relieves boredom and depression, by creating a fun social activity, allowing residents to interact and socialize within a safe, familiar environment.

  • Proven to increase nutrition and the intake of fluids by offering a place to drink and eat, in a fun, non-clinical space.

  • Pods are supplied and installed as complete packages, so no need to buy extra items.

  • Pops up or down in minutes, and fits into a lightweight, wheeled case.

  • Interchangeable panels, meaning you can collect a number of scenes to use on a single frame.

“I saw a man and his wife, who has dementia, sit together watching a film in one of the Pods, and then it promoted them to talk about past holiday and experiences they had shared. When I came back an hour later they were both still there, talking together – it really looked like they were having a special time together in a calm, less-clinical environment.”
— Emma Carter, specialist Occupational Therapist, Chichester Hospital