“There is some research evidence to suggest that use of RemPods may be equally as effective as some of the medication that we use so it does have a really important place.”
— Dr Simon O’Donovan, Clinical Director of Mental Health Services for Older People at Bangor University.
“I saw a man and his wife, who has dementia, sit together watching a film in one of the pods, and it prompted them to talk about past holiday experiences they had shared. When I cam back an hour later they were both still there, talking together – it really looked like they were having a special time together in a calm, less-clinical environment.”
— Emma Carter, Specialist Occupational Therapist, Chichester Hospital
“I believe that reminiscence pods can be seen to improve services by reducing the use of anti-phychotics, improving outcomes for the individual – all of which can contribute to cost savings in an already over stretched sector. It’s a real example of doing more for less.”
— Stuart Wright, Leading Dementia Champion, Brunel Care