RemPods continues to lead the way in transforming clinical environments into therapeutic and reminiscent spaces, helping to change the quality of life for people living with dementia.

Our Pods are unique pop-up reminiscent scenes provided with authentic furniture, replica TVs, record players, or cinema screens, and nostalgic accessories and games.

We have now taken our Pods to the next level with new interactive wall features. The Steam Train Carriage takes people with dementia back in time and on a journey through their local landscape. Whilst the Launderette gives people with dementia the chance to relive regular tasks in 4D.

Working within NHS Trusts and care organisations our team utilise their expertise in transforming entire rooms, wards, hallways and outdoor spaces through our bespoke decorating service, offering a one-stop service, from design through to installation.

We are dedicated to creating social areas that can relieve boredom and depression, allow interaction, increase nutrition, and improve mental wellbeing, such memory loss.


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